Music Teachers

Cath Dowling

keyboard, guitar, ukulele, recorder, flute & percussion

Originally from Canberra, I completed my teaching degree at Australian Catholic University in my early 20’s and worked for several years as a classroom teacher.

During my time as a classroom teacher I was heavily involved in all the music pursuits in the school and so decided to make this the focus of my teaching.


Annie Holborow

guitar, ukulele & keyboard

For as long as I can remember, music has been a huge part of my life! Growing up I watched all the people around me play lots of different instruments. I started playing piano when I was 6 years old and started playing guitar at the age of 10.

I have always been involved in performing arts having studied drama with Helen o’ Gradys drama academy since I was 8 years old and participating in showtimes through scouting.


Annie Holborow

George McNab

Guitar, Voice, Keyboard/Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar

Since childhood , music has played a huge part in my life. Growing up with my mother, a concert violinist and teacher, was an incredible introduction to music, and I began studying music in earnest around 4 years of age, learning the violin from my Mum.

I started learning piano a few years later, and began singing in Young Voices of Melbourne and Gondwana Voices, touring with them nationally and internationally.


Jack Marken


“Ever since my first drum lesson in primary school, I have had a constant passion for music and the performing that comes with it. After learning the fundamentals of drumming, I decided to pick up the guitar and knew immediately it was my favourite instrument.


Patrick Yuen

guitar, drums, percussion & ukulele

My name is Patrick Yuen and I am a very experienced drum, ukulele, cajon and guitar teacher. I have taught many students over many years and my students have always enjoyed my fun and enthusiastic approach to learning.


Bethany Dixon

voice, keyboard & guitar

Beth has loved singing since being on all fours. Growing up with 4 older sisters who each had their own music taste, Beth obtained knowledge and love of a broad range of music genres.

Beth started singing lessons in primary school, and dancing lessons soon after. Beth performed in many musicals throughout highschool, and completed a Bachelor of Music Performance at the Australian Institute of Music, graduating in 2021.



Bethany Dixon

Colleen Brown

violin, keyboard, guitar, ukulele & abc

Growing up my family home was full of music. Everyone in my family plays an instrument,  and I was exposed to a huge variety of music travelling around to folk festivals with my Dad and to Classical Harp and Opera concerts with my mum!


Kristy Stafford

Keyboard, flute & voice

I took my first piano lesson at 6 years of age, and fell in love with music. I started working my way through my AMEB Music exams, and at age 10 decided to add another instrument, and started learning the Cello. In year 7, I began playing the flute, sitting my grade 1 AMEB Flute exam the same year. 


Tiffany Shui

Tiffany Shui

voice, violin & keyboard

I am Tiffany, originally from Hong Kong. I completed the Bachelor of Music in Education and the Master of Arts in Music Education in Hong Kong. I also completed the Master of Music (Performance Teaching) in Melbourne.

I am a qualified instrumental teacher and worked as a teacher for several years with experiences teaching students from four years old to fifteen years old.


Michael McNabb

drums, guitar, keyboard & ukulele

I have been teaching instrumental music in primary school settings for 12 years now! Back in 2012 I graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts where I studied jazz drumming. I also went on to study abroad with drummers Tony Buck (DEU) and Will Guthrie (FRA) in 2013.

I play drums in the band “Adore” with my brother, cousin and friend. We play shows around Melbourne and have released an album and 2 EPs (at the time of writing there’s another EP in the pipeline!).