St Peter’s

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the instrumentalists for their wonderful performances at our end-of-year instrumental concerts recently, a celebration of another year of learning for our developing musicians.

The concert theme was “Music Legends”, with each student performing a solo piece of their choosing and participating in a group song relating to the theme. The group songs are an important part of our music program because they provide a valuable opportunity for the students to develop aural skills and musical confidence, and help with practice motivation because they are part of a team.

Well done to students who were presented with awards on concert night in recognition of dedication across a range of areas such as home practice, perseverance and attitude:

Keyboard Award Recipients: Harley Twitchett,
Stehanie Qu, Niamh Scahill, Isabella Shepard,
Edward Henry, Amelia Webb, Kye Konstandinou,
Emily Sill, Chelsea Reneaux, Liam Carr, Lucy
Monaghan, Quinn Villanueva & Maya Gleeson
• Guitar Award Recipients: Jack Purcell, Annabelle
Sheen & William Sam
• Violin Award Recipients: Rochelle Brown &
Annabelle Chapman
• Drums Award Recipient: Jack Natoli & Aiden
• Vocal Award Recipients: Allie O’Brien & Jamie
• Outstanding Musical Achievement Award: Frankie Noble (keyboard)
• Dojo Winner 2019: Olivia Monaghan


We would also like to recognise the wonderful achievements of St Peter’s students who undertook piano examinations with the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Ltd in 2019:

                    • Grade Preliminary: Chelsea Carr, Francesca Noble, Syanne
                       Ancora & Sasha Hannan
                    • Grade One: Karla Martinz & Aislin Parker

We would also like to extend a thank you to all instrumental parents for your continued support of your children’s musical endeavours through home practice and encouragement.
A big congratulations to all the students who took part in the music program this year. We are very proud of all of you!

The Kids on Key Music Team