After one year of keyboard, we were pleasantly surprised how well Christy performed as part of a group in a lovely end of year concert. Christy found further motivation when I finally made time to squeeze in a few private lessons so that she could measure her progress by completing exams. The group and private lessons provide complementary outcomes, by creating a musician who wants to improve and who can play as part of a group. Cath has a caring approach, and there is no pressure to take on private lessons.

Stephanie Mitten

My daughter has been attending Kids on Key through our school for the last 4 years. In this time she has developed a love of music and fostered a wonderful relationship with her music teacher. Kids on Key has provided my daughter with a positive, fun and challenging music program. My daughter is excited to be partaking in her next ANZCA exam for piano this year and I am positive that her love of music and piano is because of the fantastic environment provided by Kids on Key.

Kylie Kibsgaard

My children have been learning keyboard for about 4 years with Kids on Key. I think it is a fantastic program, especially as these classes can be done around school times. My children have learned to read music as well as learn keyboard, both of which I truly believe helps to expand our children’s mind for many other areas of their life, similar to the benefits of learning another language, and Susan is just a wonderful teacher. The opportunity to further the education with exams and grading is there for the students that wish to pursue their instruments further.

Nancy Gibson

My eleven-year old son has been taking keyboard lessons with Cath for six years. Cath is a great teacher who is able to relate well to my son. She is very passionate about her work and has coached Sam through his music exams where he has attained fantastic results. Cath has given my son confidence as a young musician and he continues to foster his love of music.

Melinda Bunnage

Our daughter Madeline expressed an interest in learning the keyboard two years ago and we were fortunate to have Cath as her teacher at St Louis. In the span of just three months, the progressMadeline made under Cath’s guidance has been phenomenal. Cath’s dedication and commitment has clearly shown in Madeline’s progress. We appreciate her teaching style and we thank Cath for taking a sincere interest in Madeline’s learning and she looks forward to her lessons each week……

Michael & Marlene Ting

My 3 children have all taken part in the keyboard program at St Peter’s and they have always enjoyed their lessons. I have seen the program grow from strength to strength over the years and it is great to see the broad range of instruments now available. The program is innovative and fun and Cath now has a great team of teachers working for her.

Karen Young

Kids on keys has been a treasured beginning to our families journey and love of music. Over the years all of our 4 children have enjoyed lessons in both keyboard and guitar. They have been given the opportunity to not only play in front of a real audience but also to act as a host performances in front of parents and the whole school. this has been a stepping stone to performing outside the school, one child has performed at weddings, they have formed bands with their friends and performed in the school talent quests and more recently, have joined the school band. The teachers are very encouraging and supportive and have nurtured a love and appreciation for music, something that will stay with them into adulthood.

Dayle Uberti

Our son Keenan commenced his music journey, when Kids on Keys (music program offered by Cath Dowling) was introduced at his school. The program allowed Keenan an opportunity to learn music and develop a new skill. He has continued with the program over the last 4 year and has absolutely enjoyed the experience.
Cath has been flexible with her program and caters to the individual needs of the kids. This has provided Keenan an environment where he can learn and thrive at his individual pace and style. Over the last year Keenan commenced private lessons with Cath. The lessons complement the program he attends at school; enabling him to prepare for music exams. Keenan is looking forward to his grade I music exams later this year, after excellent results in his preparatory and preliminary exams.
The private sessions have been a great opportunity for Cath to challenge Keenan’s potentials and allow him to accomplish his best. It has also resulted in Keenan developing his skills in hand position, dynamics and technique.
Cath herself is an amazing pianist and her love and dedication to music is apparent in her teaching. She has always been encouraging and her mentoring has helped Keenan to be more focused on his desire to pursue his musical interest and his confidence has increased in other areas as well.

Sybil and Derrick (Parents)

My daughter has been learning keyboard with Kids on Key for 2 1/2 years now. She absolutely loves the group lessons and enjoys working towards the end of year concert with her peers. Last year she successfully completed her first exam under the excellent guidance of Cath Dowling. She only required about 5 – 6 private lessons together with the group lessons and she achieved an outstanding result. Cath and her team are fantastic with the children. Cath is able to relate easily to my daughters needs and is quick to pick up if she is becoming bored with songs and offers varieties to maintain her interest. I have no hesitation in recommending Kids on Key.

Veronica Russell

My daughter, Danielle, has been learning keyboard with Cath for three years. Danielle has enjoyed every lesson, she has learnt so much and I’m constantly amazed at how far she has progressed in this time. Danielle tells me that Cath makes the lessons fun, is always encouraging and explains what’s to be learnt simply and clearly, always with a smile. Cath also prepares the children very well for exams, she provides extra private lessons around exam time to make sure the children feel comfortable, confident and ready.
It is my pleasure to recommend Cath if your child is showing interest to learn music and to play a musical instrument!

Veronica Russell

My daughter Alyssa has been learning guitar for about a year and half. She loves learning to play new songs and enjoys every lesson. Alyssa and her guitar group are also given the opportunity to play in front of the whole school at the end of year concert. The concert is a great experience for the children and I enjoy watching Alyssa play songs she has learnt throughout the year. Cath has been wonderful with Alyssa and her confidence and love for music has grown over the last 16 months. This amazing experience will definitely continue with her in secondary school next year.

Rosa Battaglia