Michael McNabb

drums, guitar, keyboard & ukulele

I have been teaching instrumental music in primary school settings for 12 years now! Back in 2012 I graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts where I studied jazz drumming. I also went on to study abroad with drummers Tony Buck (DEU) and Will Guthrie (FRA) in 2013.


I play drums in the band “Adore” with my brother, cousin and friend. We play shows around Melbourne and have released an album and 2 EPs (at the time of writing there’s another EP in the pipeline!). I also play percussion in a group called the Phonetic Orchestra who specialise in very long overnight “sleep concerts” for audiences on mattresses (!). We have played in Australia, Norway, Portugal and Germany. We recently won an Aria award for a 24th online performance!


Although drums are my main instrument I also love teaching and playing the guitar, piano and ukulele. I like to use them as tools to write songs and explore music in my own time. As a teacher, I want to make lessons as fun and enjoyable as I can, through listening, curiosity and challenge.