George McNab

Guitar, Voice, Keyboard/Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar

Since childhood , music has played a huge part in my life. Growing up with my mother, a concert violinist and teacher, was an incredible introduction to music, and I began studying music in earnest around 4 years of age, learning the violin from my Mum. I started learning piano a few years later, and began singing in Young Voices of Melbourne and Gondwana Voices, touring with them nationally and internationally.

In time, my interest in rock and pop music grew, and I started playing guitar and singing in bands with friends. I also took part in choirs, jazz bands and musical theatre productions throughout my schooling. This has brought me to my present work as a professional musician and music teacher.

As a teacher, I like to engage my students and get to know the kind of music they’d like to play, as well as introduce them to foundational musical theory. Sharing the joy of music with the next generation is my favourite thing about my work.