Colleen Brown

Vioin Teacher

Growing up my family home was full of music. Everyone in my family plays an instrument,  and I was exposed to a huge variety of music travelling around to folk festivals with my Dad and to Classical Harp and Opera concerts with my mum! I started Violin and piano at the age of 7 and spent my teenage and early adulthood playing and touring with Orchestras and playing in pit orchestras for live musicals .

I have a Bachelor of Arts and Early Childood Education. I taught instrumental music at Norwood High School and Ferny Creek Primary School in 2002 to 2004 and also taught a pre-school music program called Mini Maestros from 2002 until 2005. Since then I have worked in recreational programs in Kindergartens, After School Care and Vacation Care. I am passionate about working with children, particularly outside of the classroom to develop a variety of diffterent skills that will help them achieve balance as they grow. I believe music is a wonderful gift that has the potential to build and enrich so many attributes of a person and I am so excited and delighted to be able to share this gift with children through Kids on Key.